iPhone/iPad Home Button Doesn't Work [Solved]

13 January 2013

iPhone/iPad Home Button Doesn't Work [Solved]

iPhone/iPad's home button is one of or even the most sensitive part of an iDevice, so you must be careful when you use it. Usually, when your iDevice is around 2 years, the home button starts to show some difficulties on working properly and people start thinking right away of getting their device to a store to get it fixed. Well, fixing the home button is really expensive so if you don't wanna spend a penny and still get your home button feature working perfectly, keep reading.

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap AssistiveTouch.

Step 3: Turn it ON.

Step 4 (optional): Choose a gesture.


I personally wouldn't choose a gesture once I tried it and it's pretty hard to make the gesture chosen correctly in order to activate this feature whenever you need it.
If you don't choose any gesture, you'll only see a square on the side of your screen. By tapping this square you'll have several features you can do from there such as the home button feature, Siri, and much more.
Having this little square on your screen might be quite annoying in the beginning, but if you're really willing to get your home button feature back without paying for it or really wanna save your home button from getting damaged, you probably want to get used to the square.

I hope I helped you.
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  1. My home button stopped working before and I tried that nifty "hold the power button down and flip" trick and it worked. Unfortunately the button is not working again and the trick isn't working. I've set up the assisted touch so it's working, but how do you shut programs down using assisted touch rather than the home button?

  2. Exactly on the same way as in the physical home button. Hit the home button on the screen twice and the app switcher will show up, then you can close any apps open.