Play Animated GIFs on Mac [HowTo]


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  • Play Animated GIFs on Mac [HowTo]

    As you might already noticed, the default app which opens GIF files on Mac doesn't play animated images. Well, if you're annoyed by that and want your GIF images playing on your Mac, keep reading.

    There are two ways to play animated gifs on Mac:

    Method 1:
    Select the gif you want to open and press the Space key. This will open a built-in Preview window in Finder and the gif will be played.


    Method 2:
    There is an app that will allow you to play animated gifs without using your browser or the Preview feature.

    Step 1: Download and install Xee.
    Step 2: Right-click on one animated gif and choose Get Info.
    Step 3: Scroll down and change the Open with... section to Xee from the drop-down menu.


    That's it!
    Leave a comment below to let me know if it worked or if you have any question.

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