Edit Music Files Info on Finder [HowTo]

28 December 2012

Edit Music Files Info on Finder [HowTo]

Step 1: On iTunes, right click on the song you want to change the info of and select Get Info.

Step 2: Now go to the Info tab and change everything you want.

Step 3: To add that song with the correct info to the folder you want it in, right click on the song again and select Show in Finder.

Step 4: A window will pop up showing the folder on your computer where the iTunes songs are stored. The song you selected will be highlighted, just copy it (CMD + C) and paste it on the folder you want it in.

Step 5: After pasting the song on the folder you want, check its' info to make sure it's everything the way you wanted (name, album, artist, ...).


That's it. This is how you change the info of music files on a Mac to show the right info in Finder.
I wrote this tutorial in a bit of a rush so if there's anything you can't understand please feel free to place your questions.
I hope this was helpful, leave a comment down below with your feedback.
Thank you for reading!

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